Danny Towers - Monkey Nuts

Okay, we all know Florida is on fire right now. Danny Towers is one of the many rappers/rockstars taking over the streamwaves. With frequent collaborator Ronny J, Towers gives us his standard with an extra umph. The artwork is a movie theme poster with Danny Towers as the star. Are you ready for the show? Tune in below. 

Our favorite lines from the track:

Walked in this b*tch with all my chains, 
Flexed up, I ain't tuckin sh*t.

100 round drum, I can't make this up. 
50 round drum, I can't make this up. 

Trippe Redd feat. Major Zoe - 1400/Zoe Gang (Turn Me Up) prod. by 808-H

Ohio, stand the f**k up. Columbus and Canton connect on "Turn Me Up". Trippie Redd, Major Zoe and 808-H get together once again for even more flame to add to their catalog.

Next time you're rolling with the squad throw this on. Trading bars over the 808-H sound it's an amazing song. It's lowkey almost spiritual in its good natured lyrics and vibe.

Turn the speakers up and ride with your gang to this one. Listen below. If you're reading this it might be too late for the RSVPs but catch Trippie at #3rdShiftNYC tomorrow night. 

One last thing, 808-H said "Off the earth mixtape coming soon. 808 x Lil Wop ."