It was the kick-off night to one of the most hype tours of early 2016, the LEFT RIGHT TOUR featuring Lil Uzi Vert & PlayBoiCarti and when I say the building was about to collapse please believe me. Walking up to SOBs you could see the kids from a mile away, you could feel it whatever "it" was, the people were ready. With opening an act from Justin Rose and with surprise performances from Lucki X & UnoTheActivisit the crowd went crazy, Lucki rocked the stage first performing his latest #freewave series. Next was Uno who originally is from ATL but now living in New York. The crowd was ready for every word, performing his old and new songs the night was set up to be something special. So yea it was time for the main show.

The crowd started to roar out of nowhere and the next thing you know speakers get pushed up girls get on top of shoulders and the frenzy starts to begin, it was CashCarti. His stage presence for a young artist was better than what I expected it was going to be, rocking the crowd left to right and with some of his young homies Uno and Lucki of course. Carti and Lucki performed their hit song together "Sauce" the crowd was loving every minute of it. Closing with his banger "Fetti" and while bringing out special guest Dash, and I swear to you the ground started to shake like people started to rush the stage and things got crazy. Carti went in the crowd to perform  his verse and a riot damn near broke out, security and everyone trying to bring him backstage smh the place was a complete zoo and I loved it. 

The buzz after that performance had to be something close to the buzz after the Super Bowl halftime show feels like, I don't know I might be wrong but that's what it felt like. The anticipation for Lil Uzi was like kids waiting for Christmas day, I mean the crowd didn't even want to catch their breath they just wanted more rage and they got it. The way Uzi came to the stage was pretty legendary walking up behind Don Cannon and Dj Drama while repeating the lyrics "No I'm not Jordan but I am the Goat" the screams just got louder and louder as he appeached the stage. He took the stage and yes you guess it a classic SOBs riot broke out again, a thousand phone in the sky trying to capture the right moment. While running through hits from his latest mixtape Luv Is Rage the place was going nuts like security trying to hold everyone back with no success, of course, everyone was thinking about nothing but raging with Uzi, the environment was like project X on steroids. There were a few more surprises throughout the night one of them was when Young Dolph performed out of nowhere while smoking one of the fattest blunts I've ever seen, but anyways you WDYW had to be performed and, of course, Uzi had to bring out  A$AP Ferg to do his verse it was only right. The crowd was going absolutely crazy you could see in Ferg's eyes that he was ready to crowd surf and that's exactly what he did, riding on top of the crowd like Kelly Slater in the XGames it was something to see. As the show was starting to come to an end Uzi began to play what you call his "slow Jamz" like Right Now and With My Crew the vibe you caught was close can call perfect to end the night, Uzi soon left the stage with his girl in hand and the crowd still trying to realize what happen. The LEFT RIGHT Tour lived up to every expectation I had for it, the craziness, the crowd surfing, the fights breaking out in the crowd it was literally a rage fest with what you want to call the "culture" now and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Photos By Wxllxxm